Collaborative design platform

Our technology makes it easy to produce custom 3D design tools which work by rendering any kind of Holograms on top of the real world



Unreal Engine Integration

We have extensive experience marrying many innovative technologies with Unreal Engine 4, one of the world’s most sophisticated and versatile game engines.

We are the creators of the Kinect 4 Unreal plugin, the defacto standard in creating Kinect applications using Unreal Engine 4.


Virtual Dementia Experience

the virtual dimentia experience is an award-winning Partnership with Alzheimer's Australia Victoria to Develop a virtual reality training simulation that communicates empathy by transporting participants into the shoes of someone living with dementia and marks the first time gaming and VR technology is used in the aged care sector


Research Collaboration

we have a long history collaborating with research institutions to create bespoke solutions to tackle some of the most unusual problems in academic research.

Our latest collaboration in this area involves us using cutting-edge Vr technologies to help visualise one of the world's largest LONGITUDINAL studies as a part of the big data vr challenge



Earthlight is a narrative-driven game telling a story only few people will ever experience - that of human space flight.  You will live the unique and unusual journey of Ana, one of NASA's brightest and most talented astronauts.


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