INNOVATION & STrategy workshops

Since 2011, we’ve been helping organisations around the world innovate and improve using emerging technology.

We offer structured workshops to help our clients discover, ideate and strategise around the adoption of new technologies. Our key facilitators are all experienced, practising developers- we don’t just theorise about innovation, we’re delivering new technology for our clients all over the globe.

Over one, two or three days we showcase a range of relevant technology platforms, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each, analyse current challenges and opportunities for the organisation and create and refine potential solutions.

By having our experienced designers and engineers on hand, we can help validate your strategy or new product concepts and spot problems early. You’ll finish every workshop with a concrete roadmap detailing next steps, to help turn these ideas into action fast.


Our VR/AR & Emerging Tech workshops are a running start to emerging technology adoption.

What to expect


Hands On

We believe in an experiential approach to teaching new technologies. Participants in our workshops don’t just hear about new technologies, they get to put them to the test.

We bring a curated selection of hardware and software to try, with the workshop goals and the previous experiences of the participants in mind.


Dialogue, not monologue

Our workshops are structured to help identify the real-world impact of technology deployment in a given organisation early.

We help gather a diverse selection of voices- often potential users, strategic stakeholders, clients, executives and subject matter experts- to help identify where new technology adoption will help (and equally importantly, where it will not).



Many of our workshops share themes, but every workshop is individually designed and curated for the organisation and participants in attendance.

We work with you to make sure everyone gets the most out of the time together.



By running the workshops with experienced designers, engineers and project leaders on hand, we help quickly identify potential pitfalls and put together a pragmatic roadmap for creating and adopting new digital technology.

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Where do the workshops take place?

Depending on the client’s preference, we can either host our workshops on site at client facilities to make transit and attendance as easy as possible, or run off-site events for when getting away from the usual surroundings makes sense.

Can you run a workshop in my city?

We can host workshops anywhere in the world- get in touch to discuss your needs further.

Who usually attends these events?

We help curate an attendee list with the goals in mind. Previous workshops have included potential users, beneficiaries and stakeholders of new technology adoption- frontline workers, users and clients of the organisation, group executives, scientists and researchers, subject matter experts and CEOs.

How many people can/should attend?

We design the experience with organisational goals in mind, and attendee count is always driven by this.

In our experience, these workshops work best with between 5 and 10 people from a single organisation, or between 15 to 40 people working in teams when hosted by an industry association.

Can you run a workshop around a particular theme, strategy or decision?

Yes! Most of our clients engage us to help them in the early stages of a new decision or initiative.

In particular, some of the most popular themes of past years have been:

  • Opportunities to adopt Virtual and Augmented Reality for business

  • Evaluating Emerging Digital Technologies

  • Designing new products and services

Can Opaque help host a workshop for delegates at my event?

Absolutely. We’ve helped facilitate workshops for industry associations, to compliment international business and design events, and as part of ‘client community’ events run by enterprise businesses for their customers.

Can I attend as an individual?

Currently our workshops are run for groups either as part of industry events or for a single organisation. However- we are exploring opportunities for individuals to attend mixed workshops run by Opaque. If you’re interested, or have other ideas or feedback for us, please let us know via the form below!

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