Opaque Media Group grew out of a desire to use new technologies and a focus on user and developer experience to reshape entire industries. We started in 2012 by partnering with Alzheimer’s Australia Vic to use early virtual reality technologies to give carers and families an empathic understanding of dementia, resulting in the Virtual Dementia Experience.

Since then, we have used VR, AR and machine learning to change how astronauts are trained, to give out-of-this-world experiences on affordable hardware, given a new view on genomics data, allow neuroscientists to read minds and so much more. Opaque Media Group houses the best VR and AR developers in Australia and works with a range of global partners and providers to meet our goal of transforming industries for the better with next-generation technologies..



James Bonner

CEO - Opaque Media Group

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Chris Mackenzie

Executive Director - Opaque RnD


Liam McGuire

Executive Director - Opaque Interactive 


Russell Grain

Executive Director

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Stephanie Brelaz

Senior Developer

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Christian Fulton 

Business development Manager


Emre Deniz

Director - Opaque Space

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Mitchell Managaro

Studio Manager

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Will Truscott


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Michael Davies


Tech Lead - Opaque Space

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Stefan Allaki

Art Lead - Opaque Space

Jennifer Scheurle

Design Lead - Opaque Space

Opaque Studios