Get Plane at Screen Coordinates (EXPERIMENTAL Pure Function)

Retrieve the plane average of the points within range of the input screen point.


  • Target [Tango Point Cloud Component Reference]: The Unreal Engine / Tango Point Cloud interface object.
  • Screen Point [Vector 2D Structure]: Position on the screen in Pixels.
  • Point Area Radius [Float]: Radius around screen point in Pixels.
  • Min Percentage [Float]: Set a minimum percentage float
  • Point Distance Threshold [Float]: Set the point distance threshold.


  • Plane Center [Vector]: A point on the plane in world space
  • Plane [Plane Structure]: plane structure in the format Ax + By + Cy = D
  • Timestamp [Float]: The seconds since tango service was started, when this structure was generated.
  • Return Value [Boolean]: Returns true if a plane was successfully retrieved.