Research and development

Opaque R&D is a team within Opaque Media Group which specialises in evaluating, extending and engaging with next-generation digital technology to solve a wide array of problems. We place particular value on Developer Experience and have a strong belief in the ability to advance productivity through thoughtful tool design.

As well as supporting Opaque Media Group companies with their missions to change industries with advanced technology, we help external teams engage with and take advantage of new technological developments. We do this by acting as specialist 3rd party designers, developers and software integrators, as well as providing consultation
and guidance based on our previous experience developing for clients including Google ATAP, Microsoft, HPE and Neuro-Insight.



We help a wide array of companies engage with emerging technology platforms. No two projects are exactly alike for OR&D, so if you're looking to do something outside of these examples we invite you to get in touch- we love a challenge!


Unreal Engine 4 and Unity plugin development

We help third parties create best-in-class plugins to allow their technologies to work seamlessly within Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, widening their reach to millions of developers.

Our focus on Developer Experience has previously been praised by developers from Epic Games, Unity, and NUI special interest groups at Stanford University. 


Prototype, tool and application development

We build best-in-class tools and applications which focus on matching emerging technologies with their practical strengths, rather than their novelties.
We've previously developed applications using the Kinect, Cloud Computing systems, WebGl, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality technologies and more, and can help augment and extend your development capabilities.


Consulting and technology evaluation

We help bridge the gap between next-generation technologies and real-world user and business needs.
If you're a business looking to inform your innovation strategy, we can help present and assess disruptive technologies.If you're a technology developer, we can provide unique insight from our DX practice as to how users will perceive, engage and use your work.


Products + Licensing

Opaque has developed a number of technologies to empower other developers and businesses to engage with next-generation technology. See below for details on licensing and how we can make these platforms work for you.

Collaborative Design Platform

Our Collaborative Design Platform allows for the easy construction of applications for Spatial Design in 3D. The toolkit allows multiple users to place, see and tweak any kind of 3D Holograms (like furniture, factory components, walls, plants, etc) together and visualise different arrangements of these items directly on top of the real world.
Talk to us about integration with Hololens, ARKit and ARCore, as well as how we can create create boutique or white-labeled AR applications. 

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Kinect 4 Unreal

Our Kinect 4 Unreal plugin allows for developers to develop motion controlled games using the capabilities of the Kinect 2.0, using Unreal Engine 4- including a full Blueprint-enabled interface.

Find out more and download the plugin here!


Microsoft Cognitive Services for Unity

Our integration between MCS and Unity allows the easy development of games and apps which leverage the suite of online Cognitive Services from Microsoft, including scene description, colour analysis, facial analysis and more.

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