Get Camera Frame


Provides a texture reference to the most recently updated frame from the selected camera from the Kinect device. The available cameras to select from are the Color camera (RGB), the Infrared Camera (IR), the Normalized Depth Camera, the Normalized Depth Camera with body stamping and the Raw Color Camera with body stamping.

A camera frame will constantly update automatically if enabled via the Set Camera Frame Is Updating function. The pixels in the frame texture will default to white prior to its being updated.


  • Target [KinectInterfaceComponent]: The Unreal Engine/Kinect interface object.
  • Kinect Camera Type [EKinectCameraType]: The camera from which to retrieve the dynamic texture.


  • Return Value [Texture2D]: A reference to the latest camera frame represented as an Unreal texture. This can be passed in as a texture reference to a Material Instance- see How to Create and use Material Instances from the official Unreal Engine documentation.