Camera Streams

The Camera Streams category contains functions that support the integration of the frame buffers of the Kinect device cameras with Unreal textures. The features of this category require a grounding in Kinect camera functionality and Unreal Engine texture use. The following sections of the documentation might provide additional information in understanding this category:

Camera Frame Resolutions

The following lists the resolutions of the different camera frames that can be accessed. These resolutions are restricted by the frame size of the respective cameras the first instances and the body tracking frame for the body stamping camera frames. The resolution is defined as [WIDTH IN PIXELS x HEIGHT IN PIXELS]

  1. Raw Color Camera feed [1920 x 1080]
  2. Raw Infrared Camera feed [512 x 424]
  3. Normalized Depth Camera feed [512 x 424]
  4. Normalized Depth Camera (with body stamping) [512 x 424]
  5. Raw Color Camera (with body stamping) [1304 x 1080]