Set Smoothing Parameters

Controls the values used for smoothing out spiking in joint orientations. The effect of the input values in determining smoothing values are calculated are:

  • Rotation Spike Threshold [0 - 1 inclusive] - This determines how sensitive the system should be to changes in the orientation of a joint before it applies a dampening calculation to it. This is determined by looking at the difference between the spiking rotation value and the previous rotation value stored.
  • Rotation Spike Clamp Weight [0 - 1 inclusive] - This determines how much the system will favour the existing orientation over the spiking value when the spike threshold is exceeded. 0 = it uses the original value entirely, 1 = it uses the new spike value entirely.


  • Target [KinectInterfaceComponent]: The Unreal Engine/Kinect interface object.
  • Rotation Spike Threshold [Float]: The 0-1 sensitivity of the system to spikes in joint rotations.
  • Rotation Spike Clamp Weight [Float]: The 0-1 alpha value used to calculate the orientation to use between the spiking and the previously stored orientation value.