Convert Position To RGB Pixel Coordinates


This function accepts a position and returns the relative pixel coordinates of the RGB Stream corresponding with that point in the world in front of the Kinect. These pixel coordinates can be used to manipulate the texture reference from of a RGB Camera supplied by Get Camera Frame


  • Target [KinectInterfaceComponent]: The Unreal Engine/Kinect interface object.
  • Position [Vector]: The 3D point in space, measured in centremeters relative to the Kinect, which should be matched to a pixel coordinate on the RGB Stream image.


  • Input Is Valid [Boolean]: Returns true if the input position matches a valid coordinate within the bounds of the RGB Stream image, otherwise returns false.
  • Return Value [Vector2D]: The Pixel co-ordinates (x, y) of the RGB image which align to the given 3D position. Note: (0, 0) lies on the top left hand side of the image.