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Opaque has previously built several award winning technologies and applications for improving health outcomes. We specialise in the design and development of unique, industry-leading technology solutions for intractable problems faced by Healthcare, Enterprise and Advocacy organisations. We have a strong pro-social focus, using technology to enable people and improve quality of life for all. 

We work with a range of Emerging Technologies such as Natural User Interfaces and Real-time Rendering Engines, and specialise in Virtual Reality experiential training applications. We have worked with a number of high-profile organisations to develop training tools and create new & improved technological capabilities, including Microsoft, the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Vision Australia, and Alzheimer's Australia Vic. 


Our Projects

Opaque has worked with a number of high-profile organisations and advocacy groups to develop innovative, effective experiences that promote the organisations' missions.

MRI VR Preparation.jpg

MRI VR Preparation

MRI VR is a virtual preparation and assessment tool for patients undergoing MRI scans. Using an interactive, controllable simulation of an MRI Scan, technicians can show patients what the scan procedure will feel like, and assess their preparedness for the scan procedure.  Developed with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute of the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, this tool has already seen great success in a pilot study showing a significantly increased success rate for patient scans, which translates to significant cost savings and increased efficiency for hospitals, as well as reducing patient stress and the need for risky procedures such as anaesthesia. 


Virtual Dementia Experience

Developed for Alzhiemer's Australia Vic, the Virtual Dementia Experience is the codifying example of how effective and impactful Experiential Training can be, using cutting-edge NUI and VR technology to show aged & Dementia Personal Care Assistants a potential lived experience of Dementia. This has been shown through an academic evaluation by Swinburne University to provide a much greater level of empathy for People With Dementia, and a significant increase in the quality of care delivered when compared with traditional classroom training. 

Virtual Dementia Experience.jpg
Virtual Autism Experience.jpg

Virtual Autism Experience

Building on the successful concepts behind the VDE, the Virtual Autism Experience was developed for Microsoft and in collaboration with Amaze, the peak advocacy body for Autism awareness in Australia. It is designed for use as a training and awareness tool for the workforce, in order to reduce the stigma around Autism Spectrum Disorders and facilitate integration of people with ASD with a neuro-typical workforce for the betterment of all. 


The Virtual Forest

Another project developed for Alzheimer's Australia Vic, this time we harnessed the power of emerging and immersive technologies for direct use by People Living With Dementia. Using the Kinect 2 sensor and realtime rendering capabilities, we created an engaging virtual forest that encourages and rewards residents' physical interaction with the environment, creating a highly social, active and empowering environment in care facilities and homes. 

Virtual Forest.jpg
Vision Impairment Experience.jpg

Vision Impairment Experience

Developed for Vision Australia, this experience shows users the quality of life impacts that environmental features can have on those with low vision, and the importance of these improvements to the environment. Users can directly contrast environments with and without these changes in order to understand first-hand the potential impact the environment has on performing simple actions we take for granted such as calling a loved one to talk. 



Our services

Our focus on the intersection between technology, training and healthcare has made us experts in all of these areas. We are always eager to hear from people with ideas, and to talk to people looking for those ideas. 


Design & Development of Applications

We have a breadth of experience with both emerging technologies and particularly experiential training, so are always keen to hear from organisations that are interested in how technology can help build your capabilities. We are experts across all stages, from ideation to development to deployment - so whether you have ideas already, or are interested to hear our perspective on how technology could help your organisation, we encourage you to get in touch with us today! 



Technology & Development Consultancy

In addition to providing active development services, we also provide expert consultancy services to organisations and developers looking to implement technology solutions. Whether you're an organisation who wants to find out what's possible but not commit to a project, a team in the middle of a project who wants some expert advice, or looking for some support/speakers at related events, feel free to drop us a line! 



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