What is Opaque Studios?

In combining the immersive power of VR  and the immediacy of game technologies, we are creating a suite of virtual production tools that will enable creators to produce content for films, episodic TV, games and VR applications more efficiently than ever before.

Kinect For Unreal [K4U]


Kinect 4 Unreal (sometimes abbreviated to K4U) is a middleware plugin that allows Unreal Engine 4 developers to use Unreal Engine 4's Blueprint visual scripting system to access the full functionality of Kinect.

Director Tool Kit [DTK]


Visual Effects (VFX) now accounts for as much as 50% of a major film's production budget. The high cost is due to three key reasons - labour intensive nature of production, iteration time and the number of iteration it takes to develop the final outcome. Opaque Studios is developing the Virtual Director's Toolkit (VDT) to address these problems. VDT is built on top of our proprietary Unreal Engine Livesync technology and combines the immersive power of VR and the immediacy and fidelity of Unreal Engine to allow directors to step onto a virtual set and direct a virtual performance as if it is live action.


Faceware Live 4 Unreal [FL4U]

Faceware Live 4 Unreal is a Unreal Engine 4 plugin which enables the use of Faceware Technologies' state-of-the-art Live Server within Unreal Engine 4, opening up a wide array of new possibilities for live character animation.

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