What is Opaque Interactive?

Opaque Interactive has worked in the simulation and serious games space across a range of projects, such as the award-winning Virtual Dementia Experience built for Alzheimer’s Australia Vic. We have worked for and with partners such as Microsoft, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Wellcome Trust, and NASA to build new solutions for current problems. We do this by taking cutting-edge tools, technologies and capabilities from the game development/entertainment spheres and applying them to new contexts – solving unconventional, often intractable problems in diverse fields.

Virtual Dementia Experience

The VDE is an award winning partnership with Alzheimer's Australia Victoria to develop a virtual reality training simulation that communicates empathy by transporting participants into the shoes of someone living with Dementia.

Advanced Deployable Virtual Dementia Experience 

The Advanced Deployable Virtual Dementia Experience is the next stage of the award-winning VDE. It takes the experience to another level of accessibility and immersion using an Oculus Rift VR headset, and marked the first use of such technology for the aged care sector.


Earthlight is a virtual reality game that immerses players in the journey of becoming an astronaut. We are working in consultation with space agencies all over the world to give players an authentic experience of the wonders and perils of space.

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